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Virtual Studio Focus Site map

Possible Configurations of the "Focus" Virtual Studio

There are several variants of the "Focus" studio configurations provided to solve different tasks of creating the virtual studio design.

Basic Hardware Configurations of the Focus Virtual Studio

Product Description
Focus S-video Full-Fledged Virtual Studio. A live actor image is integrated into the 3D virtual studio and interacts with it in real time. The studio is interactively controlled by the operator's commands (from the keyboard, joystick, GPI devices, etc.). Composite and Y/C video inputs/outputs.
Focus Pro The same as Focus S-video, but with component analog inputs/outputs of the video signal, which provides higher quality of the resultant image.
Focus SDI The same as Focus S-Video, but with digital video inputs and outputs.
Focus HD SDI Virtual studio for working in HDTV.

Additional Hardware Options for the "Focus" Studio

To enhance the abilities of the "Focus" studio, there are different options purchased separately. The table shows which options are available for different configurations of the studio.

Option Name Focus S-Video Focus Pro Focus SDI Focus HD SDI
Genlock - synchronizing video output to the external signal  
One additional input channel    
Two additional input channels  
Passive Breakout Box  
Passive Breakout Box enhanced*  
Active Breakout Box  
Rack-Mounting Kit  
Hot-Swappable Power Supply of Improved Reliability  
DVM62 Converter      

* Used to connect video and audio signal sources and receivers in the virtual studio configurations with additional input video channels and the GenLock option.

Available as a special order are additional enhancements and custom-designed configurations, e.g., to input/output VGA signals, support GPI and Tally, external sensors, modules for integration with external automation systems, DCS consoles, control devices.

Software Options for the "Focus" Studio

Studios are supplied with two variants of software: HotActions and HotActions Lite.

In addition to the hardware/software system Focus proper, the appropriate scenes (design projects of interiors) created in a compatible format with Focus are required. The standard delivery set includes a small set of training samples and entry-level scenes. HotActions Lite solutions do not include tools for creating 3D scenes and imply ordering the content from third-party developers.

D-GraphicaWe offer you to take advantage of services provided by our business partner D-Graphica. This site allows you to view a vast library of ready-to-use adaptive scenes (interiors, decorations, animations, user interfaces, etc.) for the Focus studio and Terms & Conditions for custom projects.